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PupLid trucker hats for dogs are made for sun protection! We use the same high quality materials as premium hats for people and the latest chinstrap system for maximum adjustability to fit your dog.


Also have matching human hats! Our trucker hats are lightweight and breathable, perfect for staying shaded in the sun. The medium crown is adjustable and fits most sizes.


  • If your pet is right in between sizes, select the larger size. Keep in mind, there are several built-in features to help give your dog the Furfect Fit.
  • For Head Width, look at your pet's head from above, and with a ruler measure the width from side to side where the hat bill would sit, like in the diagram below. Don't include the ears or the fur if your pet is fluffy.
  • For Neck Size, use a tape measure to measure around the neck just behind the ears. If the elastic is too snug around the neck, try unsnapping the chinstrap to remove the small side toggles, which will open up more room. 



SizePopular Breeds
TinyChihuahua (smaller), Maltese (smaller), Pomeranian (smaller), Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier
XXSBrussels Griffon (smaller), Chihuahua (larger), Italian Greyhound, Jack Russell (smaller), Maltese (larger), Mini Dachshund, Papillon, Pomeranian (larger)
XSBoston Terrier (smaller), Brussels Griffon (larger) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel (smaller), French Bulldog (smaller), Jack Russell Terrier (larger), Pug (smaller), Shiba Inu (smaller), Shih Tzu (larger)
West Highland Terrier
SmallAustralian Shepherd (smaller), Beagle (smaller), Border Collie (smaller), Boston Terrier (medium), Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog (medium), Pug (larger)
MediumAustralian Shepherd (larger), Beagle (larger), Border Collie, Boston Terrier (larger), Boxer, Doberman Pinscher (smaller), French Bulldog (larger), Golden Retriever (smaller), Greyhound, Labradoodle, Pit bull (smaller)
LargeAkita, American Bulldog, Bernese Mountain Dog (smaller), Cane Corso, Doberman Pinscher (larger), English Bulldog, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Labrador Retriever (larger), Pit bull (larger), Rottweiler, St. Bernard (smaller)

PupLid Trucker Hat Sunset Surfer Design

PriceFrom $23.95
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