Our Story


As pet owners, we understand the special bond between pets and their owners.
Pet ownership is a big responsibility, that is also extremely rewarding. Both owners are longtime rescue advocates & moved to Wilmington to follow their dream of creating their own pet business. It all started with a few rescue dogs who you'll meet below. Yep, the dog did it!
At Coastal Paws we strive to bring you not only innovative, quality, and affordable products, but unique and fun options as well. We'd love for you to meet the crew who motivate us daily!

Meet the Gang

Meet the gang who inspired Coastal Paws. The sweetest rescue dogs who always remind their owners how to live life to the fullest. Some of them are a bit shy, but you just may see them greeting you in the store. They'll even help you shop ....I'm guessing the treat section will be a hit!

Charlie: "Charles Lee"

I am the only dog from my family that was not a "rescue". I was born in the same town as my family and went home with them when I was only two months old. I am now a senior, 14 year old. I have been through so many things with my family throughout my life. Most recently I had to have liver surgery. My human "sister" takes great care of me, especially now that we have both had a really hard year, after losing our mom and Zoey. I'm looking forward to being able to go to work with my human sister again, and meeting everyone who comes into our new store!

Zoey "Zozo"

Blessings from the Rainbow Bridge. I watch over my "human sister" and my "doggie brother", Charlie, each and every day. My mom and my "sister" helped me battle Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) for a little over FOUR YEARS. I often was called things like "warrior" and "miracle dog". I beat the odds time and time again after two surgeries and oral chemo. Lots of humans were able to get to know me through my gofundme page and puppy up, which supports canine cancer research. (I raised a lot of money for this organization and came in third place in a contest!) My humans devoted their lives to giving me a longer life, and because of them I got to go on so many fun adventures! I advise every human and dog to live each day as if it were their last!

Riley "Beans"

I was Mom's first foster failure after like 20 others so I must be pretty amazing right?! I'm also known as: Beans, Bug, Wigglebutt, Nugget, Riles, Peanut, Noodle.......you get the drift. Whatever comes out of mom's mouth! I'm one of the shy ones (life was not so great before my days with Momma), so I may not be your official greeter but mom's hopeful one day I can join her at work. I mean, I do have a face for modeling after all! My sister Stella is my best buddy and she's not afraid of anything so you'll get to meet her when Mom's working.

Kahlua "Lua"

I spent some time in a shelter after I was found wandering down a very busy road! Mom says I like to jump and I also love cars, so I may have hopped over a fence in the heat of the moment while trying to have some fun! I love to go rollerblading with my mom. I also love chasing balls! I spend my days at home with my brother Little Man, who is my best friend. Mom tells me I'm the smartest dog she's ever had!

Little Man "Man Tube"

I was also in the shelter for quite some time. I didn't like being there, so I didn't always behave myself when I was in the cage. I met my mom and my soon-to-be sister and I knew right away that they were the family for me! I had to stay in the shelter while they moved to a bigger home and prepared for my arrival, because apparently, I can be a lot to handle at times. I love my family with all of my heart, and I know I ended up in the right home. I am very thankful for the life I have after being rescued. My favorite activity is laying upside down and also howling! My sister Kahlua is my best friend!

Oliver "Stink"

Hello big, scary world. I am deaf, and I spent the first year of my life with some humans who did not treat me very nicely. I was scared, and because of this it's really hard for me to trust anyone, but my mom took a chance on me anyway! I love mom dearly, as well as my doggie family. Since my circle of trust is extremely small, you will likely never get a chance to meet me. I know I am in the best hands, and I'm so thankful that my mom understands me and knows how to handle dogs like me who come from rough situations. I am also glad that mom understands my need to sunbathe in the yard on a daily basis!

Stella "Stella Tubby"

My dad found me wandering the woods of Hampstead. While that was fun, I'm really glad I found my fur-ever home. I'm pretty chill and while I'm big and leggy and look scary, I'm sweet as pie. So....you just may see me in the store hanging with my peeps. I'm trying to get my big bro Riley to join me but he's a little scared pants just yet. Ps....I love having my ears rubbed.

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