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Ingredients: Beef cheek, peanut butter flavor, beef gelatin, vegetable glycerin


Description: Each piece measures about 3-4" long, with some variation in thickness and length. Each cheek roll is basted with a peanut butter flavoring, which helps improve the palatability of the chew.


These beef cheek rolls are a good alternative to traditional rawhide bones and rolls. Beef cheeks aren't processed like traditional rawhide and still retain the different layers of the skin. Unlike a rawhide knotted bone, beef cheeks are less dense, made out of one continuous piece of beef cheek (rather than smaller scraps cooked together in a mold) and more digestible.


Key Benefits: 

Thick  and durable texture
Long lasting chew may help clean teeth
Sourced from free-range, grass fed beef
Provides mental enrichment


Chew Meter: Tough. This chew starts out firm and breaks down into a softer and chewy texture as it's being consumed.


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein: 80.2% min, Crude Fat: 8.0% min, Moisture: 7.3% max, Fiber: 0.7% max

Made in Colombia, Brazil, or Argentina


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