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With his bright red plush and frisky fins, Cedar Salmon is quite a catch. But beware, he’s a real player. No dog can resist his charming games of tug, fetch or shake, and before you know it, they’ll be hooked. Cedar Salmon is a LARGE toy measuring 14" long


Ruby Rainbow Trout’s streamlined shape will lure your dog right in. Whether you play tug of war or fetch with her, she’ll land your dog hook, line and sinker. She’s for dogs who know a good catch when they see one. Ruby the Rainbow Trout is a LARGE toy measuring 14" in length


Gil is one of the most popular fish in the pond, mainly because he loves all types of play. His bold color, separately sewn on fins and two squeakers make him extra entertaining. Plus, he’s perfectly shaped to be a post playtime pillow. Gil is a EXTRA LARGE toy measuring approximately 20" from tip to tail


Fluff & Tuff Fishies (3 designs)

PriceFrom $18.99
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