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Wood plaques/signs featuring the artwork of Dean Russo


Horizontal Designs are 10.5" X 7"

Vertical Designs are 7" x 10.5"


Brooklyn-based Pop artist Dean Russo celebrates his love of animals through this extensive collection of poster canvases. With vibrant colors and characteristic aplomb, Russo’s deep affection for the animal world resonates through his work. By engaging with the characteristic charm of his subjects, Russo uses the tactics of Abstract painting – fusing elements of Cubism – to celebrate the multi-faceted personalities of our beloved pets. The graffiti-laden streets of Russo’s Brooklyn upbringing inspired him to create a truly idiosyncratic approach to design and filigree. An often-misunderstood artist, Russo’s medium is joy, vibrancy, and a love of life. Taking to the canvas in the same way that the mural-painter approaches the community wall, Russo’s magical and moving studies of man’s best friend are a must-have for any home.

Dean Russo Breed Artwork (Breeds H-Z)

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