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Canophera chew sticks are made from the best materials mother nature has to offer. Coffee wood is an ideal resource for dog chew sticks. It is a lot harder than other wood, which is why our sticks are particularly resilient and less likely to splinter. And since it is the only ingredient in our CANOPHERA sticks, our products are 100 % vegan and free from any harmful additives.


To ensure there is a chew for all dogs, our sticks come in several sizes. Additionally, we don’t harm the environment in our production process. Since coffee wood is a natural byproduct during coffee production, no tree is uprooted or cut down just for us.

Canophera sticks come in XS- Large and are suitable for Adult dogs & puppies 6 months and up.


The Canophera chew stick for dogs offers constant activity and playfully supports dental care. The chew stick strengthens the dental muscles and promotes the natural cleaning of teeth. The fine wood fibres serve as a toothbrush.


The chew sticks are made out of coffee tree wood. They don’t contain any traces of animal or artificial ingredients, calories, caffeine or sugar. They are also suitable for dogs that have allergies or are overweight.


Only fine wood fibres come off from these chew sticks. The dog can swallow and digest them without any problem.


Size recommedations

Dogs within the recommended wight guidelines with strong chewing habits might require the next size up. 

XS dogs up to 10 lbs

Small Dogs up to 20 lbs

Medium dogs up 50 lbs

Larges dogs 50-80 lbs 

XL Dogs over 80


  • Extra Small chews are ideal for breeds like Japanese Chin, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, etc.
  • Small chews are ideal for breeds like Dachshund, Japanese Spitz, Jack Russell Terrier, French Bulldog, etc.
  • Medium chews are ideal for breeds like Australian Shepherd, Beagle, Border Collie, Poodle, etc.
  • Large chews are ideal for breeds like Dalmatian, Weimaraner, Collie, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Rhodesian Ridgeback, etc.
  • XL chews are ideal for large breeds like Great Pyrenees, Cane Corso, Rottweiler, etc. 



Strengthens dental muscles

promotes natural cleaning of teeth

Made out of coffee tree wood

Harder to break than locally-sourced forest wood


Canophera Coffee Tree Wood Chews

PriceFrom $9.99
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