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The BetterBone TOUGH dog chew is made to stand up to the most aggressive chewers. The Tough chew toy is still made with two all-natural ingredients and is still non-toxic, nylon-free, splinter resistant, and 100% sustainable. 

BetterBone Tough is our SUPER DURABLE version for aggressive chewers. As a result, the Tough is best suited to dogs with strong, healthy teeth and those who love to go to town with a nice rugged chew. BetterBone TOUGH is 5 to 10% harder than nylon as a result.  NO NYLON - WE NEVER USE NYLON IN OUR PRODUCTS.

Keeping your pup satiated, safe, and healthy while reducing environmental impact is the BetterBone promise. 

If you're looking for a bone that is softer on teeth, teething puppies, older dogs, and light to medium chewers, try BetterBone Classic here. 

We only source our ingredients from the food industry. Our bones are made from PEFC sustainably forested wood flour (found in shredded cheese and yogurt) and renewable sugarcane oil. That's it. That is all that is in the BetterBone.

Our innovative material is splinter resistant, making it safer for your best friend. The BetterBone is designed to flake off as your pup chews it to protect the integrity of their teeth, unlike other super-hard industry standard materials like nylon and antlers. 


Our innovative trident-shaped design is ergonomic and easy to chew! The BetterBone features three unique ends: dental nubs, dental ridges, and smooth. Combined, they massage gums and clean teeth! 

REAL BEEF FLAVOR (We do it with dog food)
We continue innovation by using real beef dog food to flavor our bones. The Beef BetterBone's have 1 to 2% dog food composition and is from a dehydrated all-natural beef dog food. The beef bones won't stink up your house or stain your carpets & furniture, but your dog will love them! The beef dog food contains carrots, peas, and wheat, making our beef-flavored bones not hypoallergenic. See our natural unflavored bones for our hypoallergenic option.


Our manufacturing process and materials reduce emissions of C02, consumption of fossil fuels and non-renewables (including the manufacturing processes), and create zero new petroleum-based plastics. Even our packaging is recycled and contains no plastic!  Plus, every dog bone sold plants a tree to make your BetterBone carbon neutral! 


    • Small (suitable for dogs weighing LESS than 25 pounds)
      • 3.3oz
      • 5" x 4" x 1.75"
    • Large   (suitable for dogs weighing MORE than 25 pounds)
      • 9.8oz
      • 9" x 6" x 2.5"


    • Beef (our Beef bones contain 2% all-natural beef dog food for a little something different) 

    BetterBone Tough Beef Flavored Chew toy (2 sizes)

    PriceFrom $19.99
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