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The Doggie Bag is the perfect way to carry your dog's food with you on every adventure. No more wasting plastic ziplock baggies. Fill up with kibble at home, roll down, clip together, and head out for adventure!

Our portable kibble carrier also comes with a stainless steel mug to portion out your pup's meals. The mug holds about 1.5 cups of kibble. The side handle or top handle makes for easy carry, with an additional loop to clip your Backpacking Bowl to.

The Doggie Bag packs down to however much kibble is packed for a space-saving design, and holds about 40 cups, or 5 lbs of kibble when full. The bag is approximately 12" x 18" when laid out flat. It is water resistant for every adventure.


*If your pup's kibble is especially greasy, or you plan on keeping kibble inside the bag for an extended period of time, we advise double bagging the kibble in a plastic baggie inside the doggie bag.

Wilderdog Kibble Carrier

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