Ingredients: Venison, vegetable glycerin, sea salt, mixed tocopherols.

Country of Origin: Made in the USA.


Description: This product is packaged in a 4oz resealable bag. These venison jerky strips are soft and chewy, each strip measures about 0.75" wide and 3" long. Each bag has an average of 12 pieces of jerky.


Chew Time: Most dogs will eat this treat very quickly.


Recommended for: Dogs of all sizes and life stages.

This is a limited ingredient treat, so it's perfect for picky dogs or individuals with dietary sensitivities. Venison is also a novel protein, so it's a great treat to recommend to those allergy dogs! Feed your dog a whole strip as a delicious snack, or, easily tear it into small pieces (an ideal training treat)!


You could stuff some of these treats into a puzzle toy. This extends the enjoyment of the treat by a considerable amount, and also provides much needed enrichment and mental stimulation! For any dog, working at a puzzle toy to extract food is "calming" and helps them relax.


Venison Jerky - 4 oz