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Our popular Wrinkle balm just got easier to use!


  • Soothes, Treats & Prevents Skin Fold Conditions
  • 100% Organic, Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Quick & Easy Application

Doggy face folds and body wrinkles are very susceptible to infection and irritation, but with Wrinkle Wipes, you can relieve inflammation and heal wrinkle woes! Wrinkle Wipes soothe and treat wrinkly-dog conditions like skinfold dermatitis, raw wrinkles, yeast infections, canine acne, and bacterial infections.


Wrinkle Wipes are made with similar active ingredients as the healing balm, but provide a cleaner, easier application. You won't have to wash your fingers after using these wipes on your dog. And with a set amount of ingredients on each wipe you'll never have to worry about over or under applying the healing ingredients. Plus this product won’t melt when the temperature gets higher like our balms tend to do, so it’s more stable under all storage conditions!


Wrinkles Never Looked So Good™

Natural Dog Co Wrinkle Wipes (50 count)

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