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For the Freshest Dogs on the Block!


Our gentle Grooming Wipes are a convenient way to clean & refresh your pup on those in-between-bath days. Did your pup have an especially fun time outside? Wipe away dirt & grime from paws, skin, fur, and bums. Stinky face folds or wrinkles? Grooming Wipes have your back! These extra-large wipes are the perfect way to keep Scout fresh & fly.


Wrinkles Never Looked So Good™



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For the Freshest Dogs on the Block!



Grooming wipes are perfect for days where bathtime simply is not in the cards. Our wipes are formulated to keep Scout clean, but they are also useful for cleaning any particularly irritated or inflamed areas of the skin.


Grooming Wipes are extra-large, making clean-up easy for every dog, no matter their size! These ultra moist wipes come in a resealable package to prevent drying out. Grooming Wipes are biodegradable, so you can keep your pup and the earth clean!

Each package contains 50 XL wipes.

Natural Dog Co Grooming Wipes

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