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NOTE:  Leashes are made of recycled climbing rope, therefore colors in stock VARY A LOT.  IF YOU WANT TO SEE A PICTURE OF COLOR FIRST PLEASE CALL OR EMAILS US FOR CURRENT SELCTIONS  (910) 612-9895


Mountain Dog's Amazing Versatile Leash is the most adaptable leash on the planet! Adjustable to any length between 7' and 3'-9", this leash has a clip at either end and can be used like a standard clip leash or a hands-free lead. The combination of climbing rope and the immensely strong floating steel ring allows for incredible adjustability and hands-free around the waist or over the shoulder use. And if that wasn't enough, this leash can also be used as a temporary tether and for walking two dogs a the same time. Great for everyday walks, hiking, obedience training or any time you want a leash that can do almost anything.


Leash is guranteed for life!  The warranty is unconditional and never expires. It also covers chewing mistakes. If you want to exchange your leash for any reason or want a refund contact us or Mountain Dog. 

Mountain Dog 7 ft Versatile Leash

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