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In 2014, with nothing more than a dream and a rescue pup, we set out to provide a second chance for at-risk pups. Combining our love for rescue pups and great coffee, we have been able to provide over $800,000 to animal rescues nationwide, ensuring the world is filled with more wagging tails and mugs are filled with more delicious coffee.


Founder's Blend brings together our best green coffee lots sourced from specialty growers in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, and Colombia. This blend is light roasted, highlighting the mouthwatering characteristics from each region. The Colombian beans provide aromatic notes of toffee, complimented by an explosion of milk chocolate from the Nicaraguan beans. With the help of our Mexican and Guatemalan beans, your first sip will reveal notes of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies highlighted with juicy ripe berries on the finish.


We hope this approachable yet complex blend gives you an amazing coffee sipping experience each morning and reminds you to slow down and sneak in a few more belly rubs with your best friend! Keep Wagging! 


  • Light Roast Blend 
  • Available in: Whole Bean 
  • 100% Organic 
  • 100% Arabica
  • Blend Composition: Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua 

Grounds & Hounds Founders Blend Whole Bean

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