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2.5MG recommended for small dogs under 25 lbs

5MG recommended for small/med dogs 25-50 lbs

10mg recommended for med/large dogs over 50 lbs


  • Green Element CBD Bites contain full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD.  
  • Give CBD Bites daily to support your pets  natural inflammatory response. 
  • CBD Bites may help your pet maintain a balanced emotional state during periods of situational anxiety.  
  • Also available in Organic Cheese Bites!

What do you do after you make the best Freeze Dried Organic CBD Cheese Bites in the world? You make the best grass fed beef liver bites of course!  Because some critters just gotta have meat...


Whether you choose the 100mg Trail Pack or the 300mg Pantry Pack, you get the guaranteed freshness, guaranteed palatability, and guaranteed quality that back all Green Element products.


No preservatives, no flavorings, no additives, no salt, no sugar, no grain, no fillers. None. Just cannabinoids as nature intended.  Grown, Extracted, and Made in Oregon.



USDA Organic full-spectrum hemp extract including a natural blend of cannabinoids.



Ingredients: Beef Liver, Organic MCT (Coconut) Oil


All Green Element Pet products are manufactured to human standards with rigorous independent lab testing.



Directions for use:

Administer orally twice (2x) per day. Give CBD Bites consistently for at least 3 days while you evaluate results. Adjust as you see fit.  Maybe administered up to 3x per day as needed. 


*Use caution.  Suitability depends on your animals tolerance and response to full spectrum products.

Green Element CBD Bites Liver Flavor (2.5 mg)

$18.99 Regular Price
$17.09Sale Price
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