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Let there be light! With the FurryFido laser toy, you can start an interactive, action-packed game that effortlessly gets your cat moving—just by pressing a button! Move the laser pointer around the room and watch your kitty run, jump and pounce to capture the illusive dot. The moving point stimulates her inner hunter, activating her natural instinct to chase prey and sending her on a mission that will get her heart pumping. She won't even know she's started an exercise regimen! When the fun is done, plug the included USB into any socket or computer to recharge. Plus, with UV detector and flashlight modes, this laser is more than just a simple toy. Use the UV light to check for pet urine around your home, or switch to the white flashlight to look for that tennis ball that rolled under the couch. It's made with a high-quality stainless-steel finish, and completely portable. With a multi-function device like this, the opportunities are limitless. Key Benefits This laser brings safe, action-packed fun into your home—providing your indoor cat with the exercise she needs to stay fit. Especially entertaining to cats, it's safe for use around dogs, birds and any other pet in your home. Stainless-steel construction makes this laser a high-quality addition to your toolbox. Easy-to-use laser pointer also includes a UV detector light and flashlight for your other household needs—like detecting urine, spotting counterfeit money, and finding toys in the dark. A rechargeable battery keeps the fun going without requiring you to repeatedly purchase additional batteries.

Furry Fido Rechargeable Laser Cat Toy

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