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Inspired by K9 TJ from Easton Police Department in Connecticut. TJ is certified in narcotics detection. K9 TJ and his partner, Officer Tamra French, patrol the city streets of Easton Connecticut Police Department, as a dual-purpose patrol and narcotics detection team. TJ is a 6-year-old German Shepherd, a breed prized for obedience, intelligence, and determination. In Easton, where bodies of water and dense forests provide a challenge to human law enforcement personnel, TJ is a key partner in search and rescue operations. 


During his off-duty hours, TJ's favorite things to do are chew on logs and watch over the goats on the family’s farm. You can follow this team and their Amazing Adventures on their Instagram page EastonPd_k9tj 


Fox + Hound is excited to collaborate with this team and is donating a portion of the proceeds back to the Easton Police Department K9 Unit and  The Fox + Hound K9 Foun