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Collachews Collagen Sticks are healthy, all natural, rawhide free alternative dog chews that feature Beef +  collagen as the #1 ingredient. Made of hydrolyzed collagen peptides, they are an all-natural source of protein, and are highly digestible. They are scientifically-tested to last two times longer than leading rawhide alternatives.

Key Benefits:

  • Primary Ingredient: Beef  + Collagen #1 Ingredient
  • Preparation attributes: Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides
  • Specific health intent: Promotes healthy skin, tendons, joints, bones, connective tissue and overall elasticity
  • Specific nutritional element call-outs: 2 times longer lasting than leading rawhide alternatives, 60% protein, highly digestible
  • Any other relevant items: Sourced from free range, grass-fed cattle
  • 25-pack skinny sticks, 6" single roll, 9" single roll or 6" 4 pack

    Nutritional Option: Soy Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, GMO Free

    Health Consideration: Bone Development, Dental Care, General Health, Hip & Joint, Skin & Coat


Collachews™ Beef + Collagen Chews - Rawhide Alternative

PriceFrom $5.99
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